Hey friends, I’m back!

New year, new marching season, new look for the blog.

I’m going to try something new this season. Since I haven’t been keeping up on this blog like I really want to, I’m thinking I need to do shorter posts. So that’s what I plan to do.

This season is already not the same, because my dear friend Zach Lincoln (a frequent poster on this blog) has passed away. Man I wish he was here to yukk it up with about who is cranking and who is fishsammachee.

He would have had a lot to say about last weekend’s Queen City BOTB. He would have probably thrashed my beloved A&T. And there wouldn’t have been much I could say to debate it. I love my school and they sounded good but I’m telling you, that show was a bit…busy.  Hopefully they can take the criticism they’ve gotten and correct some things for next time.

This marching season is dedicated to Zach though. I’ll never forget you. ❤


PS. I told yall in an earlier blog Tennessee State was the business. Yall gonna listen to me one day.

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