I think I might have a problem.

These things may or may not have happened to me in the past few weeks:

  • Not getting anything on your to-do list done because you are watching or sharing feeds
  • Not being able to make your next move for waiting on the infamous whistle
  • Hearing the whistle and jumping to your phone like Pavlov’s dog
  • Sharing a feed, only to have it end or disconnect as soon as you hit that “share” button
  • Getting upset because someone cuts off their feed (or gets a bad connection) as soon as it pops up. Classic bait and switch.
  • Getting upset with people who don’t label their streams
  • Making the decision of which game to watch when multiple alerts are popping up
  • Clicking on a feed that ends as soon as it pops up on your phone, which I compare to turning on the radio just as your favorite song goes off
  • Realizing there’s a feed at a game you want but the person on your list didn’t alert you, so by the time you realize they are live, you’ve missed the best part
  • Having the internal debate: Do I know this person? Are they reliable? Should I share this?  This is my reputation on the line here — they better have a decent provider.
  • Getting alerts within watching a feed and having to make the decision whether to stay on board or jump ship to the new feed
  • Having your battery die just as soon you pull up the stream (this may or may not have happened to me yesterday at Michael’s, sorry Morgan vs. Del St.)
  • Passing the time by watching bands you are just meh about, hoping the game you really want to see interrupts the feed
  • Feeling a bit of pity for someone streaming a meh game, because as soon as that good game starts, everybody’s gonna jump ship. Poor lambs.
  • Feeling more than a little let down when you hear the whistle, look at your screen, and realize it’s for a feed not related to band. Especially on a Saturday.
  • Considering unfollowing non-bandheads just so the above won’t happen
  • Not really caring about a game, but you pull it up when you get the alert anyway just so you can have background music as you go about your Saturday
  • Turning off your music in the car when you get an alert, opening up the game and using that as music as you drive to your destination
  • Being irked by those who beg for hearts, use Periscope as their personal reality show (shut up about your day, we wanna see the bands!), or worse, have side conversations as if nobody is watching. In the middle of a 5th.
  • Thinking to yourself “I’m just here for the comments”.
  • Seeing dozens of bands including those you haven’t seen live in a decade while in your PJ’s

One thought on “I think I might have a problem.

  1. Periscope is life!!! And yeah….sometimes I watch a feed just to read the comments. I’ve totally gotten over trying to catch everything live. They stay up for a little while so I just catch what I can before they’re gone, although that means I can’t comment…and BOY do I wish I could comment! LOL That Grambling/JSU 5th was pure shenanigans!!


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