Periscope will change your life, and by yours, I mean, any bandhead.

I don’t wanna use this lightly, and in no way do I work for this product….

….but Periscope has changed the game.

What is Periscope, you ask?

Periscope is a (free) app where you can turn your smartphone into a camera and stream your favorite event.

Last week, I went to the Queen City BOTB…and had a ball.  I streamed the event, and although my wifi was suspect (thanks, Sprint, womp womp), my friends and fellow bandheads from all over the country got to see the event live as it was happening.

I’m trying to compile a list of Periscope accounts useful to bandheads. So far, I have:

HBCU Band Accounts
Hampton’s Marching Force – @marchingforce
FAMU’s Marching 100 – @TheMarching100
Clark Atlanta University’s Mighty Marching Panthers  – @caubands
Howard’s Showtime –  @HU_Showtime
Bethune-Cookman’s Marching Wildcats @bcuwildcats

HBCU Band-Related
HBCU Gameday – @HBCUgameday
Drumline Live – @drumlinelive
HBCU Bands @hbcubands
The Marching Podcast – @marchingpodcast
Eight to Five Entertainment – @marching8to5
National Show Bands Association – @NatShowBandAsso

Not HBCU’s but we still love ’em
Michigan Marching Band – @umichband
McNeese State Band – @mcneesebands
Rutgers Marching Band – @rumarchingband
West Virginia Marching Band – @wvumarchingband
University of South Carolina Marching Band – @thecarolinaband
Ohio University Marching 110 – @marching110

Official DCI page – @dci
The Blue Devils – @thebluedevils
Carolina Crown – @carolinacrown
Carolina Crown Brass – @dcicrownbrass
Sacramento Mandarins – @dcimandarins

And finally, yours truly – @Christy5Q

Unfortunately, I am not going to a game today because dissertation. But follow me, because as soon as I get a notification that an HBCU Band is going live, I’ll share it to everyone on my list.

If I forgot anybody, please drop them in the comments section. I’m sure I forgot somebody.

Happy 2015 Marching Season!

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