For once, I’m feeling hopeful about the upcoming marching season.

Could HBCU bands be making a comeback after the implications of the FAMU hazing situation?

  • We’ve got Southern, Morehouse, Fayetteville State, and NC Central’s bands (to name a few) with young, new leadership. I’m looking forward to seeing what they bring in the next few years.
  • NC A&T is continuing to innovate in their shows (well so I’ve heard – I’ll be the judge of that this Saturday).
  • There’s a new Drumline movie about to come out that’s gonna put our craft in the spotlight (regardless if it’s accurate or not – but that’s another case for another blog).
  • I’ve heard through the grapevine that Jackson State is posting big numbers, FAMU is making a comeback, and we all know about Talladega…..

Maybe, just maybe these administrators are seeing the value in our programs.

Now all we need to work on is the monotony that is Honda and we will be ok.

Just kidding.



P.S. Not a HBCU band, but Ohio State, I got my eye on you. Don’t think I don’t notice this “culture of sexism/hazing” double standard. *major side-eye*

P.P.S. Anybody gonna be in Charlotte this weekend for the BOTB? Hope to see you up high, near the 50.

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