Ohio State Band Director Terminated

Wow…..just wow.

Ohio State Fires Band Director over Sexual Harassment

and finally,


This is a game changer. Or maybe it isn’t. Only time will tell.




In other news, I’m back. Did ya miss me? 🙂

One thought on “Ohio State Band Director Terminated

  1. It seems that no matter the culture, there is an innate desire to have criteria that marks us as better than the rest by actions that raise the bar, no matter how rightly or wrongly, for membership.

    I’m not above having something for prospective members to go through. No one wants, or should want, in my opinion, to walk into anything. But who sets the bar? And more importantly, who stands in the gap to keep it from being arbitrarily raised? Until there’s an answer for this, these situations will continue to happen, and I for one am not shocked.


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