Whoa, Grambling…

Now as I said in my very first post on this blog, when it comes to HBCU bands, I haven’t seen it all….but I’ve seen most. Well I will be the first one to tell you that this is something I DID NOT know about.

In the words of one of my favorite bloggers Funky Dineva, “Catch these T’s”…..

Apparently in 1993, Grambling’s Band members openly protested their band director and had him removed! They accused him of reneging on scholarships, favoritism, to name a few. I have not watched the entire clip, but you better believe I will be watching it in it’s entirety between my homework breaks.

Wow, I’m blown that this was all caught on film….and then posted on YouTube. I’m even more blown that the director himself was interviewed.

Current students let this be a notice to you – you have power .Then again, this was 20+ years ago….these band members are a different breed altogether, but I digress…..

Anyway, here’s the clip. The director’s interview is at 11:55. And the melee starts at 19:25. Wow. Interesting piece of HBCU Band History.

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