15 years.

*WARNING -Sentimental post ahead*

15 years ago today, my website, the 5th Quarter went live. I can’t quite wrap my head around the fact it has been 15 years.

As if it was a real child, it would be in high school, with a learner’s permit, almost ready to go to college.

And it has been like a child to me, in many ways. I’ve seen good times and bad and have watched it grow.

I always told myself that I would not be a 40 year old bandhead. What was I thinking? My parents are both in their 60s and still love the craft.

I haven’t reached 40 just yet, but I’m definitely knocking at its door. And I still love bands. The good thing about getting older is that I care less about what others think. I’m a bandhead and proud, and I will not apologize for it.

I would definitely be a different person had Mike and I not created the site.

I look forward to many more memories.


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