HBCU Band Classics- Episode 5 – Say La La

Happy 2014!

Yeah, I took some time off from work and school, and was quite sloth-like, but its time to get back to business. We are now in 2014, which I hope will be a year of many good things in the world of HBCU bands.  Ironically 3 big things happen in the month of January alone.

*Warning – Shameless Plug ahead*

On Tuesday, January 7th, I will be featured on the Marching Podcast. They really do a good job in covering our bands and is headed by a Jackson State alum. Tune in on the 7th at 9pm Eastern, 8pm Central to hear the interview.

Sunday, January 19th marks the 15th!!!!  “anniversary” of the 5Q.

15 years.


*wall slides*

And of course, January 25th is the Honda BOTB.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way,  lets get to the latest edition of HBCU Band Classics – Say La La.

The original is done by Pieces of a Dream.


I’ve actually seen them perform live, and while they are often described as an R&B  group, they felt more like jazz to me.

I have to admit, FAMU’s version outdoes this one. They definitely [American Idol judge voice] “made it their own”….

But you know what I have to say…. ” YOU BE THE JUDGE”.

Say La La – Pieces of a Dream

Say La La – FAMU’s Marching 100

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