You KNOW you’re a bandhead when…..

You know you’re a bandhead… when you get tagged MULTIPLE times on Facebook about the same show.

But I have to say, it’s worth it. I’ll just let you see the awesomeness for yourself.

TBDBITL* from THE Ohio State University (Sorry Michigan friends)

MICHAEL JACKSON MOONWALK SHOW. (Go to 3:58 for the really good stuff)


Thanks Leslie, Shonda, Stephanie, et al.


*If you call yourself a true bandhead and dont know what TBDBITL stands for, you may need to re-evaluate your life.  LOL. Just kidding. Kinda.

** Dont wanna be a Debbie Downer, and DEFINITELY not taking away from this, but FAMU and BCU have been doing these kind of formations for years….just saying.

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