What if?

Report: Entire Grambling football team skips practice, upset with administration

The inside story of what caused Grambling football players to revolt

After Grambling player revolt, game at Jackson State canceled


What if Grambling’s football team decides to boycott the entire season?

What if they boycott the Bayou Classic?

What if NBC drops their coverage of said classic?

I know, NBC’s coverage isn’t the best. But they are the only major network channel that will broadcast a HBCU football game, and most importantly, will show HALFTIME.

So what if NBC, based on 2013, decides to stop broadcasting the classic PERIOD, thus ending the only time OUR bands are featured on a NATIONAL level?

What impact will this have on our craft, and our HBCU’s?

Think whatever you want about whose band is better – you cannot deny that the BC broadcast is an awesome recruiting tool.

How many of you grew up knowing that every Saturday after Thanksgiving, you could count on seeing some crankage on your screen? I know I did.

Suddenly it could be gone – and could impact potential HBCU bandsmen and graduates.

Don’t kid yourself – the digital divide is real.  Not everybody has a computer in their home to pull up YouTube clips.  NBC could be the only time some of these kids could be reached.

I know this is very ”worst case scenario”.

Some of you may think “This can’t happen”.

But could it?

Keep the faith, Grambling State Tiger Marching Band, and purveyors of “the craft”.

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