New Honda Voting Criteria

These new Honda voting rules for 2014…..I can’t even….I will let you read for yourself: (My comments are in ALL CAPS)


Band 1

The first band will be selected by popular vote (i.e. the top overall vote-getter will be selected regardless of category).  I’M OK WITH THIS.

Bands 2-4

The next three bands will be selected, one from each category by a weighted vote of 1/3 from institution president, band director and online opinion poll from category I, II and III. The categories being 128 instruments or less, 129 instruments up to 160 and 161 or more. This count is total instrument count, no auxiliaries, drum majors, etc. but will include percussion.

  • Online Opinion Poll from – 1/3 weight
  • Band Directors Votes* – 1/3 weight
  • Presidents Votes* – 1/3 weight

Note: * Band directors and presidents cannot vote for their own school. SMALLER BANDS ARE OFFICIALLY S.O.L.  ALSO, DM’S SHOULD BE COUNTED IN THIS.

Bands 5-8

Honda/USEG will select the final four bands based on, but not limited to:

  • Showmanship UMM, BY WHO?
  • Social Media Buzz FISHSAMMACHEE AT BEST.
  • Years of previous participation in the Celebration Tour  *THROWS UP HANDS*

I am all for change especially when it comes to Honda, but I call shenanigans.  I am ok with how the first band is selected – top votes overall.  And I understand the criteria for bands 2-4 (although the numbers thing is fishy). But bands 5-8…to quote a good friend “this cannot end well”.

Did you know that the staff of the 5th Quarter designed the FIRST Honda BOTB website?

Here’s an old snapshot:

Yeah, I bet you didn’t know because of course Honda would never give us credit. It has my girl Tracey up there and everything. Now you know.

Let’s hope this lineup doesn’t end up being a total cluster…

And also, just because it’s a Tuesday, crankage

Alabama A&M University, 2013

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