The case of the missing section(s)

What in the entire f**k is going on this season? I mean really, I miss one weekend due to a wedding and I come back to Thomas James Foolery.  It’s the first week and all I’m hearing is reports on how XYZ band is sooooo much smaller than they used to be, and entire SECTIONS are missing. And it’s only week 1! I heard Howard AND Morgan State have ZERO trombones, NC Central is looking scarce, Norfolk State lost numbers due to some physical requirement foolishness, and we all know about the smaller FAMU. On another note, seems like the SWAC is holding it down as usual.  How bout that Mississippi Valley State …LEMME FIND OUT……I remember back in the days when yall were one drill away from becoming corps.  Dare I say that Valley gave FAMU the business on Sunday? Bandheads, you be the judge:

Exhibit A – Miss. Valley State – UOENO

Exhibit B – FAMU 2013

So what’s up with these incredible shrinking bands? I have a theory but I want to hear from the bandheads reading as to how you think this happened.  I was talking to a fellow bandhead and he thinks that 2013 is going to be (his words) “a bad year for band”. Only time will tell….

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