Female Bandheads….(and impostors)

I will first start off with some crankage. Why, because it’s marching season baybee!!

2013 Jackson State

Them boys will be RIGHT come mid-season!

At any rate….

I had a conversation with my co-worker today about football season.  It’s Friday and she and a friend plan to go to one of the local high school games around here. Being the girly-girl that she is, she said she had been planning her outfit for the evening. She told me the details including her plan to wear heels….


Heels? To a football game? Seriously? No……seriously?

Yeah, my co-worker is one of those girls.

You know the ones. The ones that wear stilettos to a football  game. I’m not hating on anybody’s fashion game but whatever happened to jeans, sneakers, and your school’s t-shirt?  Even  (most of ) the dance girls don’t wear stilettos…..

Now, being a female bandhead who has been around the craft for a good while now, it is easy to spot the difference between female bandheads and impostors.  Then again, I can count the “for real, for real” female bandheads on one hand, but that’s another blog post.

I’m not talking about the women on the staff, or the alumni, or Tau Beta Sigma, or Sigma Alpha Iota, or girls who appreciate band because they marched in high school.  I’m talking about the girls who try to be “down” to try to please their man knowing deep inside they are bored to tears.

I have seen guys bring dates to a game.  That mess is funny as L. “Yeah, I like bands, I’ll watch….” they say. But in reality these chicks are bored by the second quarter.  They are counting the minutes until they can leave. Most of them sit beside their man and nurse their cell phone the entire night without as much as even looking at the field. And almost all of them want to leave right after the game.


I LMAO at those who bring their date to a BOTB.  But what really gets me is the dudes that have the gonads to bring their non-bandhead, non-initiated priss priss date to a NLBH (watch party). I kee-kee at these chicks the entire night. Now of course some women stay and attend multiple events and act like they are interested….but once they get that ring on their finger…..that’s all she wrote.  You will never see this dude at a BOTB or a game again. It’s been nice knowin ya. LOL

Times like this makes me glad I was born to TWO bandheads.

Which leads me to the point of this post. I am proud to be a female bandhead, because there are so few of us. It presents some challenges of its own, like dating (I’ll probably address this in another post down the line)….but we ladies are few and far between. And men you better take us seriously because we know our stuff!


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